Brick Building For sale, Budapest, XIV. kerület


For sale Brick Building

283 700 €
( 110 126 664 Ft )

Budapest, XIV. kerület Kiszugló
Floor area:
82 m2
Number of rooms:
New estate
With good transport

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4. Floor
Street view
Full Comfort

In Zugló, near the Puskás Arena, in a quet side streed, a now being built  a building with 20 flats, a flat that is 41.73nm, 2 rooms, 2 floors with a terrace is for sale!. The building is expected to be ready in 2022 second semester, the contsruction right now is ahead of the structure-ready state. The building’s external facade, is going to be the now fashionable white-anthracite colour.


Bathroom: 4.36nm
Bathroom: 5.58nm
Kitchen: 5.02nm
Hallway: 9.44nm
Livingroom: 16.73nm
Room: 10.56nm
Room: 12.69nm
Room: 14.77nm
In all: 79.15nm
Plus terrace: 3.88nm
Lodgia: 2.96nm
Ceiling height: 2.7m

The flat’s cover is wood parquet, ceramic tiles in wet areas. The windows and doors are modern, white plastic structures, 3 layers of glass. The front door is a security door with multi-point locking.

The heating and usable warm water provided by: gas boiler, heat pump, int he summer the heating is provided by a unique split climate system. Payment  is based on individual meters.

The car parking provided by: 8 parking machines, in all storage for 17 cars, bicycle can be stored int he common storage.

Buying the car parking lot is not necessary, in case of buying, the cost is 4.000.000(a sin 4million forint)

Upon occupancy, the seller will convert the Project into a condominium, where the individual apartments will be owned by the seller and the common areas and garages will be owned by the condominium.

In this respect, the ownership of dwellings, in regard of the garages the right of exclusive use is transferred by way of a contract of sale. The contractor is a reputable company with a long history in the market and many references. The project offers apartments of different sizes and layouts from 31 sqm up to 117 sqm.

The planned 20 flats offers four categories of apartments by size:
-1 room, 30nm (2apartments)
-1+1 room, 36-46nm (9apartments)
-1+2 room, 52-62nm (6apartments)
-4 rooms, 80-120nm (2apartments)

At the moment 10 flats are for sale.
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Beck Krisztián

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